National School Choice Week 2024 will kick off on Jan. 21 with events at more than 27,000 schools across the country to celebrate their successes and educate parents on available options.

The festivities including school fairs, movie nights, capitol rallies, field trips, parades, talent shows and others between Jan. 21 and Jan. 27 mark the 14th year of National School Choice Week spotlighting the benefits of opportunity in education.

“National School Choice Week does not prefer one type of education environment over another,” according to the NSCW website. “Instead, we invite schools of all types – along with homeschooling groups and families – to use the Week to spotlight their achievements and accomplishments.

“National School Choice Week is nonpartisan, nonpolitical, and committed to including all school choice perspectives (traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, homeschooling, and microschooling) in the celebration.”

The intent is to raise awareness of the various school options for parents, with videos, events and other resources that “allow parents to identify the best learning environments for their individual children,” according to the website. “What might be a good school for one student might not be a good fit for another child.”

Since the first NSCW celebration in 2011, school choice has gained significant momentum in the U.S., which has only increased in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

All 50 states now allow parents to homeschool their children, the creation of theme-based public schools known as magnet schools, as well as private school options for families. Thirty-two of those states have state-sponsored private school scholarships or tax deduction programs to assist parents with tuition.

Forty-six states allow for public charter schools, which now number roughly 7,600 serving about 3.5 million students, and 36 offer full-time, free online learning options for K-12 students.

Many states expanded various school choice options in 2023, and NSCW “is dedicated to providing clarity for families in this evolving educational landscape,” the website reads.

“The event seeks to offer thorough responses to parents’ questions, helping them navigate and discover the most suitable school options for their children.”

The 2024 event will feature activities and celebrations at 14,638 traditional public schools, 9,541 public magnet schools, 5,097 public charter schools, 7,871 private schools, 2,366 preschools or learning centers, and 1,324 online, home, or microschooling options.

There will be more than 70 flagship events in 47 states organized by 66 nonprofits.

Examples include capitol celebrations, school choice expos and school fairs in numerous states; citywide community events in Chicago and Milwaukee; student showcases in Nashville, St. Paul, Tampa, and Baton Rouge; homeschooling conferences in Anaheim, Decatur, and St. Louis; a Utah scholarship day; and a National Microschooling Center Convening in Bailey, Colorado.

In addition, at least 11 governors are expected to proclaim the week “School Choice Week” in their respective states.

“In our last national survey, we found that 52% of American parents have considered choosing a new or different school for their kid in the prior year,” said NSCW Vice President of Public Awareness Shelby Doyle. “That’s why this week is so important: to raise awareness and help all these parents understand their options through school fairs, rallies, student talent shows, and much more.”

Additional information on NSCW, state policies and educational options in every state is available on the NSCW website,